Flying Feathers

by Derek Benfield
May 20, 21 and 22 May 1999
Directed by Helen Graveney
Produced by Peter Unsworth.
Stage Manager, Judith Watson
A typical farce, with a complicated plot involving a Chief Constable and his sister, who arrive at their deceased brother's house in order to finalise his affairs. They do not know that the new housekeeper has turned the property into a "house of ill repute". There are the usual misunderstandings and doubtful goings-on, as the Madam tries to keep the truth from her new employers.
The set for Flying Feathers The Set

The action is set in the sitting room of a house in the country and here shows the arrival of Henry and Sarah Potterton (Tim Williams and Jenny Hyatt) at the start of the play.

Box set. Window SR to views of the countryside.
Archway USR from the front hall of the house.
French windows USC to the garden.
Archways USL and DSR to other parts of the house. Cupboard door DSL

Set design by Alan Watson.
Lighting by Terry Bullworthy and Charlie Manton
Scenery by Judith Watson and Carrie Bedford.
Properties by Don and Margaret Hussey

Henry, newly arrived at his deceased brother's house meets the charming Polly (Penny Laxton), who invites him to make an appointment.

He finds this somewhat confusing.

Henry and Polly
Henry and Mrs Winthrop

Polly sends for her boss, the housekeeper, Mrs Nora Winthrop(Debbie Flanagan).
Henry does not know that she has turned the place into a brothel. She does not know who he is and mistakes him for a customer.


Henry is quite bemused by the procession of ladies who seem to be inhabiting the house.

Henry, Jackie (Emma Webb), Mrs Winthrop, Sally (Lucy Doran) and Sarah.

More young ladies
Henry and Roger

A new customer arrives, Mr Roger Featherstone (Mike Jackson), in disguise as a clergyman.

Henry takes him to be the local vicar and they sit down for a chat, with the disastrous accompaniment of sherry.

Roger soon becomes legless.

Nora Winthrop has realised her predicament. She informs her girls that they must all act respectable, especially around Henry and Sarah..

Debbie (Sue Jones), Sally, Jackie, Polly and Nora

Mrs Winthrop and her girls
Henry and Mr Tunnicliffe

Another visitor, Mr Tunnicliffe (Mick Hawes), who claims to be a solicitor. He has a difficult meeting with Nora and retreats to the cupboard with a bottle.

On coming out of the cupboard, he meets the ever more confused Henry.

Nora is accused of shutting Tunnicliffe in the cupboard

"They all say that, don't they"

Polly and a visitor

Polly thinks she is chatting to Henry, because he looks exactly like him in spite of the peculiar clothes

His name however is Bernard.

Bernard is the brother who is supposed to be dead. Things become more and more complicated, involving a mysterious body in a large laundry basket, people getting shut in the cupboard, girls not knowing whether to wear frocks or take them off and is Bernard still alive or is he a ghost?

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