Once Upon A Tyme

by Dennis E Bryant
December 3rd, 4th and 5th 1998
Directed by Brenda Courtie
Producer, Terry Bullworthy
Accompanist, Janice Webb
Stage Manager, Angela Danks
Wardrobe, Gina Hall
Scenery by Judith Watson
Lighting, Stefan Bullworthy

The Rules and the Toy Animals in the Toy Ark played by the Junior Players.

This pantomime was specially written for the Eydon Players by Dennis Bryant, with original music by Jack Webber.

In a combination of Toy Story and Alice in Wonderland, this is the tale of the adventures of a young girl and her toys in the search for the Land of Happily Ever After beyond the Magic Fireplace.

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Wee Willie Winkie

At the beginning of the pantomime, Wee Willie Winkie (Matthew Tasker) sets the scene

Nanny (Leslie Mansfield) says goodnight to Crystal (Emma Webb)

When Crystal goes to sleep, the toys in the toybox come to life. Crystal wakes and meets Rowena the Rag Doll (Gina Hall), who is in love with the Toy Soldier, Sergeant Nokes(below left).

Nanny and Crystal
Crystal meets the Rag Doll From the fireplace in Crystal's bedroom, come The Rules (Junior Players).
To find the Land of Happily Ever After, it is essential to follow the rules. So they do and The Rules lead Crystal, the Rag Doll and the Toy Soldier (Peter Unsworth) through the magic opening in the fireplace to the Walled Garden in the village of Don't Do That

There they meet Dame Tiddly Pom (Terry Bullworthy)

Dame Tiddly Pom of the village of Don't Do That
Boss makes tea

The visitors are surprised by the arrival of the D.D.T.Council workmen and they hide behind a bush.

Boss (DebbieFlanagan) makes the tea and then joins Bod (Rita Bullworthy) in a rousing song.

P.S. Rehearsal photos with unfinished scenery

Boss and Bod singing

The evil Fright Fairy (Sara McKay) sends everyone into the Scarey Wood, which is guarded by a Monster

Far right: Rowena, the Toy Soldier and Crystal

The Fright Fairy The travellers alone in the Scarey Wood
Bod and Boss are lost in the Scarey Wood

Boss and Bod find themselves alone in the Scarey Wood and in fear of the Hockling, its guardian monster.

Wee Willie Winkie arrives and there is a bit of an arguement

Wee Willie Winkie and Boss have a difference of opinion
The witch Aggathorne

The Witch of the Wood, Aggathorne (Rosie Blanshard) frightens everyone, but no-one comes to harm.

Crystal realises that the Land of Happily Ever After is her own home.

Crystal's song
'The wedding of Dame and Giant

Crystal and her friends reach the Land of Happily Ever After by returning safely home

Dame Tiddly Pom and the local Giant (Don Hussey), {there's always one}also find a way to live happily ever after.

The director, Brenda Courtie

Two views of director Brenda Courtie

During performances, dressed in chicken garb, she nobly kept the front of house and offstage chorus of Noah's Ark animals in order

Brenda as Chicken

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