Goldilocks and the Three Bears

by John Morley
December 5, 6, 7, 2002
Directed by Deborah Flanagan
Musical Director, Bernadette Rogers
Produced by Peter Unsworth. Stage Manager, Alan Watson
Lighting by Terry Bullworthy and Charlie Manton
Scenery by Judith Watson, Marie Eyes and Sue McRoberts

Circus performers, Gypsies and Guardians of the Magic Pool played by Don Hussey, Linda Nash, Alison Smith, Sara McKay and the Junior Players.

John Morley sets his panto version of the traditional story in a circus owned by Dame Sadie Spangle and her daughter Goldilocks. The Three Bears, after meeting Goldilocks in the time-honoured fashion, join the circus.

Joey Whizzbang the clown Joey Whizzbang the Clown, (Carrie Bedford)
sets the scene. A tale of a bankrupt circus threatened by a take-over bid from cruel rival, George Grimm.
Sadie Spangle Sadie (Tim Williams)
gets ready for bed,stripping off to the usual tune.
In the night, the Three Bears, helping themselves to a spare pot of honey from the tent, inadvertently also remove the evening's takings.

Financial disaster!

Sadie Spangle's Circus-clowns Sadie Spangle's Circus
Clowns, a Strong Man, balancing acts, a Sword Swallower, a performing dog and the climax of the show........a knife throwing act, with Sadie as target and Joey trying to get his aim right.
In spite of all this, the show isn't making any money.
Sadie Spangle's Circus-sword swallower Sadie Spangle's Circus-knife throwing
Goldilocks at the Three Bears cottage Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Searching for the lost money, Goldilocks finds the cottage in the woods and the Three Bears come home to find Goldilocks
The three bears The Three Bears prove to be talented dancers. Goldilocks persuades them to join her mother's circus and the Bears become the stars of the show.

Mother Bear (Sally Stretton)
Baby Bear (Katy Lamb)
Father Bear (John Guppy)

The crowds flock to Sadie's Circus.
Financial problems solved!

evil George Grimm Rival circus owner, evil and cruel George Grimm (Mick Hawes), plots with Pedro Twoface the Gypsy (David Eyes) to kidnap Goldilocks and the Bears. Grimm imprisons Goldilocks and tries to force the Bears to perform at his circus. Pedro kidnaps Goldilocks
Sadie meets the gypsies Sadie Spangle, together with Ronnie the Ringmaster (Lynne Gardner-Jones) and Joey go to rescue Goldilocks and the Three Bears. At the gypsy camp, they have a lively encounter with Pedro Twoface, who rather fancies Sadie.
Sadie's gang meet a gorilla

At Grimm's Circus, the gang have an even livelier encounter with an amorous gorilla, until Sadie gives him the eye. Then he disappears as fast as he can go.

They rescue Goldilocks and the Three Bears

George poisons Baby Bear George isn't finished yet. He sells poisoned ice-cream to Baby Bear, who almost dies, but Fairy Belinda (Angela Danks) saves the day with live-giving water from a secret spring. By her magic, George is turned into a good fellow, and he and Sadie make a match. Goldilocks weds Ronnie and all live happily ever after.
Belinda saves the day George as a kind and friendly fellow
Director Debbie Flanagan

Director Debbie Flanagan shows'em how.

As always, adding to the ambience, Jill Tcherniak and Margaret Hussey man the refreshments bar.

Our catering team

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