Puss in Boots

by Kenneth Branchette
November 30 to December3rd, 2005
Directed by Robin Hinton Brewer
Stage Manager, Judith Watson
Musical Director, Becky Price
Scenery by Judith Watson and Sue McRoberts
Special props by Todd Butler and Don Hussey

Chorus of villagers and courtiers played Barbara Butler, Ann Goodman, Gary Denby and the Junior Players.

In the little kingdom of Cascadia, there was once a miller with three sons. When he died, he left the mill and his money to the two eldest, but the youngest son, Jack, inherited the cat, Puss.

Palace Cook and the villagers

Molly, the Royal Cook (Tim Williams) with Tommy, the Royal Page (David Eyes) and Jenny, the Princess's maid (Christine Limb)

Christine making a welcome return to Eydon Players after some years.

In the background, the feckless sons of the miller, 'Arold (Faith Wilson) and 'Orace

King Tickle (Matthew Tasker) and Queen Fancy (Carrie Bedford) arrive and send everyone about their business. Then there is a little business of their own involving a very long sock.

The King and Queen of Cascadia
Jack and his magic cat, Puss in Boots

Jack,(Sara McKay), the miller's youngest son, returns home from a long journey and finds that he is now the owner of the mill cat, Puss.

By the magic of the Fairy Queen (Alison Smith, who unfortunately was working on photo call day), Puss becomes a walking, talking and very clever Puss in Boots.

'Orace and 'Arold inspect their inheritance. Instead of a trunk full of money, they find a lot of junk and some strange clothes. They get dressed up and are mistaken by Lord Dandy, the Court Chamberlain, (Paul Hammond) for suitors to the Princess. Dandy invites them to the Princess's birthday party.

Lord Dandy invites the brothers to the palace
Queen Fancy and a comic interlude

Tommy and Molly try to play a trick on the Queen,involving boiled eggs, but the tables are turned.

Puss in Boots arrives at the palace with a gift for the King.They are amazed by the magic cat. Puss tells everyone that his master is the fabulously rich Marquess of Carabas

The King and Queen invite Jack to the royal picnic to celebrate the birthday of Princess Petal.

Puss at court
'Arold and 'Orace duel with pistols

A comic duel between 'Arold and 'Orace, supervised by Tommy and Molly. 'Arold is felled by a falling albatross, (the former star of "We found Love..." from 1997 for those who remember it).

The Royal picnic by the lakeside. Everyone has fun with beachballs, especially Molly and Tommy.

The royal picnic by the lake
Jack and the Princess

Puss tricks the King into providing clothes for Jack, so that he can be introduced to them as a Marquess

Everyone is impressed by the handsome stranger, especially the Princess.

With the help of the Ogre's servant, Mischief, the jealous 'Arold and 'Orace kidnap the Princess and take her to the Ogre's castle.

Their plan does not succeed, for the Ogre (Don Hussey) transforms them into animals.

The Ogre in his castle
Puss with the dead mouse

Jack and others come to rescue the Princess, but Puss wins the day. He tricks the Ogre into transforming himself into a mouse, which promptly falls to Puss's paws

The court arrive at the castle, which Puss claims for the Marquess of Carabas, but Jack prefers to be honest and tells everyone that he is only a miller's son. Nevertheless, Jack wins the hand of Princess Petal and the King grants him the Ogre's castle and all its lands.

Jack wins the Princess
Molly's wedding outfit

Molly believes in style. she is the Palace Cook and she dresses appropriately for the wedding of Jack and Petal.

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There is a CD ROM of this production, which carries many more photographs and includes other characters not shown here. If you would like a copy, please contact the committee.

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