Flight of the Eydon Potboiler Mark 1

September 10, 2005

Devised and Produced by Mike Jackson

Musicians: Becky Price, Verena Jackson and Faith Wilson.
Lead Air Crew: Jill Tcherniak

The evening took the form of a Round the World mystery flight. Guests boarded the 'plane, (a thinly disguised village hall), received their in-flight magazine, heard the safety announcements and were then treated to 33 items of in-flight entertainment by Captain Mike and the 17 members of his crew.
Halfway through a very convoluted journey, the fish and chip supper was most efficiently served by The Trolley Dollies

La France

Edith Piaf

Angela Danks
sings Edith Piaf

Chirac sketch Sally Stretton
with the Chirac sketch
The can-can dancers Angela, Sara, Ann and Lynne with a lively version of the Can-Can
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Two singing penguins Wearing their very own hand-made penguin suits, former lighting assistant, Becca Watson, and general factotum Alan Watson, sing "Baby, It's cold outside".


Sally Stretton and Tim Williams in the famous "As time goes by" scene from "Casablanca"

Anna and Rick talk as time goes by


Greek dancing Peter Unsworth, Don Hussey, Alan Watson, David Eyes and Steven Barnard in a typical English attempt at dancing in the traditional fashion of the Greeks.
Margo Barnard follows on with "The White Rose of Athens"


Mike Jackson leads a community version of "Is this the way to Amarillo" Penny Avery with two songs; "Roxy" and "Georgia"



An interview with a client A swift run through the plot of "The Maltese Falcon" with Paul Hammond, Sara McKay and others The bullfighter Matthew Tasker acts out the Toreador music from "Carmen"


A quarrel over the placement of a towel on a chair is forgotten with the appearance of Sara, who sings "I'm tired" from "Blazing Saddles".
Sara McKay, David Eyes and Mike Jackson
Sara the siren

There are many more photos of this event on cd rom. If you would like a copy, please contact the Players through the web site

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