Murder Mystery Evening

Written, directed and produced by Alan Watson and Peter Unsworth
September 8 2001

Having performed a revue in the spring, the Players decided on a different entertainment for the September Revue slot

The plot involves the members of an amateur drama society, the Perplexed Players and the occasion is a social gathering of the committee and guests. The victim is the Chairman, done in by a knife in his back, and the mystery is solved by the audience led by Inspector Semaphore, (this being the hey day of Morse on the telly).

The Cast

  • Club Treasurer, John Priestly...Peter Unsworth
  • His Fiancee, Hayley Bell...Carrie Bedford
  • The Chairman, Ray Chandler...Terry Bullworthy
  • Lillian Sayers...Rosie Blanshard
  • NODUR Rep. Joyce James...Judith Watson
  • Her friend, Billy Gilbert...Mike Jackson
  • Waiter...Don Hussey
  • Waitress...Sue Jobbins
  • Inspector Semaphore...Alan Watson
Alan Watson The dinner at Perplexed Players
It looks as though Alan is wondering what he has let himself in for. Above
A social evening at Perplexed Players
Cast from left to right
Peter Unsworth, Mike Jackson, Terry Bullworthy, Don Hussey, Judith Watson, Sue Jobbins, Carrie Bedford and Rosie Blanshard

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