Jesus Christ, Superstar

by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber
May 17 and 18, 1996
A joint production with St. Nicholas Church, Eydon.
Directed by Ann Westcott
Musical Director: Bernadette Rogers
Stage Manager: Judith Watson

This is the story of the final days in the life of Jesus and ends with the crucifixion

A difficult show for the Players, as there were not really enough male members in the society to provide a male chorus, but there were some fine performances and some fine singing.

Everyone taking part found it to be a rather remarkable experience

The setting is an open stage with leg curtains and one backdrop.
The backdrop appears in part in some of the photographs and is a black background to gold and blue pillars, made from pleated velvet, and a central painted design incorporating Roman, Jewish and Christian symbols.
Some scenes take place in front of the grey travellers.

Set design by Terry Bullworthy and Judith Watson
Wardrobe Mistress, Joyce Rogers
Lighting by Stefan Bullworthy and Rebecca Watson

Press photo of principal characters

On the left is a photo from the May 9th issue of the Banbury Guardian, showing the principal actors

Jenny Hyatt (Annas), Debbie Hartnett (Jewish Patriot), Terry Bullworthy (Pontius Pilate), Rita Bullworthy, (Mary Magdelene), Emma Crocker (Pilate's wife), Tim Law (Caiaphas), Richard Oliver (Jesus), Peter Woodman (Judas), Chris Allen (King Herod).

Other parts played by: Mary Hendy, Linda Allen, Vicky Brooke, Debby Brooker, Irene Fox, Leslie Mansfield, Jill Tcherniak and the Junior Players.


Act 1: The events leading up to Jesus' entry into Jerusalem

St John the Baptist

St John the Baptist (Alan Watson) tells of the prophecy of a Messiah and of the beginnings of Jesus' life.

Judas criticises Jesus' relation ship with Mary Magdelene.

Jesus (Richard Oliver)
Mary (Rita Bullworthy)
Judas (Peter Woodman)

"Everything's All right"

Jesus, Mary and Judas

At the house of the High Priest, a Jewish Patriot (Debbie Hartnett) argues with one of the priests, Annas (Jenny Hyatt) about the effect Jesus' ministry may have on their Roman masters.
The priests claim that Jesus will bring about revolution and the destruction of Israel.

"Must Jesus die?"
the Jewish Patriot

Act II: Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and Betrayal by Judas

Jesus in Jerusalem

After Jesus' triumphant entry into the city, he speaks to the crowd and prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem

" Poor Jerusalem"

At the house of the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate (Terry Bullworthy) listens to his wife (Emma Crocker) explain a dream .
" I dreamt I met a Galilean, a most amazing man"

Pilate and his wife
the traders in the Temple

Jesus cleanses his Father's house of the traders in the Temple.( Cathie Hill and Peter Woodman)

" Roll on up for my price is down"

Mary's song

" I don't know how to love him"

Mary Magdalene
 Judas and Caiaphas

Judas agrees to betray Jesus to the Romans for twenty pieces of silver
Annas, The High Priest, Caiaphas (Tim Law) and Judas

Act III: The Last Supper and the Arrest of Jesus

Judas at the Last Supper

Judas and the Apostles. On Judas' right is the Apostle Peter (Mick Hawes)

" Look at all my trials and tribulations"

Jesus is arrested and sent to be examined by Pontius Pilate, who says it is a Jewish problem and sends Jesus to appear before King Herod

Pontius Pilate

Act IV: Jesus' Trial and Crucifixion

Jesus' trial before Pilate

The priests persuade Herod that for the sake of the state, Jesus must die. Herod sends him back to the Roman court.

Jesus appears before Pontius Pilate, who does everything possible to give him a fair trial, but to keep peace in the province Pilate condemns Jesus to death.

"Don't let me stop your great self destruction"

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