by Martin Blinkhorn
December 2, 3 and 4, 2004
Directed and produced by Peter Unsworth
Stage Manager, Geoff Stretton
Musical Director, Bernadette Rogers
Accompanist and Assistant Musical Director, Becky Price
Scenery by Judith Watson and Sue McRoberts
Special props by Todd Butler and Don Hussey

Other parts and the Chorus of villagers and courtiers played by Margot and Stephen Barnard, Barbara Butler, Ann Goodman, Faith Wilson, Don Hussey and the Junior Players

The classic pantomime story of Cinderella, but with Buttons smashing the only available pumpkin, there is an even more unusual form of transport to the Palace Ball.

Dandini and Prince Charming

Dandini (Susie Hall) and Prince Charming (Sara McKay), out hunting in the forest. To gain a little freedom from court etiquette, the Prince changes identities with his servant, Dandini.

Incognito, the Prince delivers invitations for a Grand Palace Ball to all the ladies of the land.

Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother, who is disguised

Cinderella (Lynne Gardiner-Jones) helps an old lady to gather sticks for fuel.

She does not know that it is her Fairy Godmother (Carrie Bedford) in disguise

 Invitations to the Palace ball arrive

At the castle of Baron Stoneybroke, invitations arrive for the Palace Ball, but there is no invitation for Cinderella

The Baron (Matthew Tasker), Ugly Sister Prudence (Mike Jackson), the Baroness (Sally Stretton), Ugly Sister Hortense (Tim Williams), Buttons (David Eyes) and Cinderella.

 the Ugly Sisters get ready for the Ball

The Ugly Sisters get ready for the Ball

 Buttons drops the pumpkin The Fairy Godmother arrives and tells Cinderella that she shall go to the Ball.

Unfortunately,the magical coach cannot be made in the traditional fashion because not only has the castle cat been over efficient, but Buttons drops and smashes the one and only pumpkin.

 Cinderella puts on the glass slippers

The Fairy Godmother provides Cinderella with a beautiful ballgown and a pair of glass slippers

 Cinderella's coach

The Fairy Godmother and Buttons have built a horseless carriage out of available bits and pieces in the kitchen. Cinderella sets off for the Ball, but she must be home before the clock strikes midnight.

 Cinderella arrives at the Ball

Cinderella arrives at the Ball and is announced as a Mysterious Stranger.

Prince Charming greets her, while the Baron, the Baroness and the Ugly Sisters look on in amazement.

Prince Charming and the glass slipper Cinderella has fled as the clock chimed midnight, but she has lost one of her glass slippers.

Prince Charming vows to search for the lady whose foot fits the glass slipper and to marry her.

Alan and the Ugly Sisters

An Interlude: Alan Watson, (in his traditional Eydon garb, slippers, flat cap and woolly jumper) and the Ugly Sisters entertain the audience with "The Road to Mandelay"

The Baron and Buttons

The Baron asks Buttons advice on how to deal with his fractious wife and her awful daughters.

Breakfast after the Ball

The Baroness and the Ugly Sisters discuss the Ball, the Mysterious Stranger and Prince Charming's decision to marry the owner of the glass slipper. All three ladies plan to try on the dainty shoe. Cinderella listens, but is ignored.

 Cinderella tries on the glass slipper

Dandini, back in his role as the Prince's servant, arrives with the glass slipper.

The Ugly Sisters feet fail to measure up to the task and Buttons makes sure that Cinderella does have the chance to try on the slipper. It fits!!!

 The finale

Prince Charming and Cinderella are re-united

The Fairy Godmother re-appears to make sure that all live happily ever after

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There is a CD ROM of this production, which carries many more photographs and includes other characters not shown here. If you would like a copy, please contact the committee.

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