Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward
May 15, 16, 17, 2002
Directed by Peter Bloor.
Produced by Peter Unsworth. Stage Manager, Judith Watson
Familiarity with this "improbable farce" tends to obscure the difficulties. For the cast, this play was the most challenging yet attempted by the Players.
The set for Blithe Spirit The Set

The action of the play is set in the sitting room at the home of Charles and Ruth Condomine.

Box set. Door UCL to the rest of the house. French windows SL to the garden. Fireplace SR

Set design by Alan Watson.

Lighting by Terry Bullworthy and Charlie Manton

Scenery by Judith Watson and Carrie Bedford.

Properties by Don and Margaret Hussey

Madame Arcati

To research his new book, Charles Condomine invites local eccentric and medium, Madame Arcati, to demonstrate her psychic powers. Also included in the party are Dr and Mrs Bradman. A seance takes place.

Madame Arcati

(Deborah Flanagan)

At the end of the seance, both Madame Arcati and the Condomine's very lively table have crashed to the floor. Dr Bradman attends the fallen, watched by the anxious Charles and Ruth Condomine.

Charles Condomine (Matthew Tasker)


Dr Bradman (Tim Williams)

Ruth Condomine (Jenny Hyatt)

At the seance
Charles and Elvira

The seance has brought the ghost of Charles' first wife, the glamorous Elvira, back into his life, but only Charles can see her. His conversations with an invisible presence cause a great deal of trouble with Ruth, the second Mrs Condomine.


Elvira (Penny Avery)

Charles and Ruth take breakfast, in an atmosphere that could be cut with a knife. Breakfast, next morning
Mrs Bradshaw

Mrs Bradman

(Sally Stretton)

M.Arcati and Edith

Madame Arcati forces Edith the housemaid to confess that she has conjured up Elvira. Edith's hitherto unknown psychic abilities are responsible for all the trouble in the Condomine household.

Madame Arcati

Edith (Carrie Bedford)

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